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Natural Ground 


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Hi Dena, Sorry for getting back to you so late, but let me tell you about your book.  I could not but it down.  I found so many aha moments that "I"  as educator could relate to.  Two regrets that I had; i did not start your book sooner (I could have finished it in one sitting). That's how engaging it is.  And I am sorry that I could not have been more of a sounding board for you when you were going through.  So glad you mad it through that rough patch to discover your calling.  I am almost finished.  I will definitely be leaving a review on Amazon! Great Job.


~I mostly like learning about the benefits of Essential Oils. I will use the information to empower myself, my daughter and families I serve. YM

~This Program was very informative SB

~Depth of knowledge of the presenter was what I liked the most! NG

I believe the program covered a lot of ground, I can't think of anything else to add.  Great instruction, engaging, funny, real & informative TJ

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