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Natural Ground 1 calls individuals, families and communities to view a Whole Wellness life Style through a different lens by examining three key aspects of life, nutrition, personal care products and home cleaning products, all of which play a major roll in how we show up in the world for ourselves and those we are called to serve and support. Natural Ground 1 teaches that a Whole Wellness Life Style is a way of living life intentionally, rooted in practical application, it calls for an examination of current situations in thought, mindset and action. We do this through company designed or custom designed workshops, collaborations, Make and Take hands on activities and speaking engagements.


Natural Ground 1 (NG1) believes the Essence of an individual is connected to the “Natural Consciousness” of change balance and flow that we witness on a daily basis, even though we may not fully be conscious of it unfolding.  NG1 believes that when we can tap into that “Natural Consciousness” we will understand that all of our whole being matters; our mind, our physical self matters, and so does our scared self. We can’t get whole thinking in isolation.



Natural Ground 1’s mission is to re-balance the “Wellness Mindset” through connecting with the Essences of what is missing; a connection with our Natural Environment in all aspect of our life.



Natural Ground 1’s Value is rooted in serving, sharing, and empowering by meeting the needs of people naturally.

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