~Essential Oils and Children: Designed for parents, however anyone working with children will benefit from this workshop.  Engagement in exploring the benefits of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (TGEO) and how they may balance three major area of concern; the immune system, concentration/focus, and so much more.  Investment/Complimentary, sample Essential Oils distributed, Items for purchase will be available.


~Green Cleaning: Most cleaning products are the number one cause of respiratory disorders and skin irritations.  In this workshop learning will center on identifying toxins and new ways to clean.  Each participant will make and take home a toxic free cleaning product. Please bring the cleaning product you use the most.

Investment $295.00/Each additional participant $11.00


~Grow a Garden and Grow Yourself:  is where connections, creativity and gardening meet, to teach the fundamental skills of preparing, planning, planting and harvesting a garden.  All participants will take part in engaging activities that promote personal development, and a reconnection with nature. Offered during the months of March through Mid-November

Investment subject to seasonal pricing


~Going PLANT Native:  Growing a Native Plant Habitat: Love to garden but have limited time and energy, come learn how planting plants native or indigenous plants to a particulate region can be low maintenance, low cost, less energy and stress free. Native Gardens offer homes to birds, bees, beneficial insects and pollinators.  An opportunity to design your very own Native Plant Garden for the next growing season or start now.

Offered during the months of March through Mid-November

Investment subject to seasonal pricing 

~Make and Take Personal Care FUNshop:

Participants in this workshop get to select from a variety of personal care products and infuse them with Essential Oils to take home, gift bags, and recipes card includes. Discussion will center around products that are free from chemicals, identifying harmful chemicals and the effects they have on body systems, and emotional wellness.

 Investment $250.00/Each additional participant $10.00


~Natures Intelligence: Essential Oils and the wellness Factor:  This workshop is designed to inform participants how Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils provide Emotional, Mental and Physical Balance and Support to the body through examining the natural components of the flowers, fruits, plants, stalks, and resin the Essential Oils come from. Hands on activities and samples make this an exciting, and engaging fun filled workshop.

Investment/Complimentary Sample Essential Oils distributed, Items for purchase will be available


~Natures Wellness: Herbs, Essential Oils and Raw Foods:  Participants will engage in conversation about the health benefits and connections between herbs and Essential Oils; sample raw food items and smell Essential Oils.  Participants will leave with recipes using herbs, essential oils, a list of Essential Oils for everyday use and suggested (get started) raw foods for their diet.

Investment $490.00/Each additional participant $19.00




~Change is only a decision away, Charge your mind and you could possible change EVERYTHING.

~Abundance in ALL things


Workshops designed by Natural Ground 1 are created to enhance knowledge of using Essential Oils in daily living, and Plant Based Interventions for self and family balance.  Each workshop is designed so participants leave with materials they can immediately use and apply in any area they choose to improve.