Your Life INfused With Essential Oils

Module 1: Natural Living Abundantly: Wellness Through a Different Lens.

This Module is designed to assist you in viewing a WHOLE Wellness Life Style through a different lens as developed by Natural Ground 1. A Whole Wellness Life Style is a way of living life intentionally, and rooted in practical application.  It calls for an examination of current situations in thought, mindset, and action. The view from this angle is reflections on 3 key areas of life; nutrition, personal care products and products used to clean the environment in which you live, eat and breathe all of which have a major impact in how you show up in the world to serve yourself and others.

Take away/Content:

  • Actions are by Intentions

  • Mindset Matters

  • Change, Balance, & Flow

Module 2: Understanding Essential Oils, the Wellness Factor!

This Module is designed to give you a clear foundation of what Essential Oils are and what they are not, hold onto the image of what makes them work, and learn the many benefits of Essential Oils use and how to infuse them into your lifestyle.

Take away/content:

  • What are Essential Oils?

  • Promise of Purity/Essential Oil Chemistry Simplified.

  • Essential Oils Rediscovered.

Module 3: Singles, Blends and Carrier Oils

Designed to highlight some common and not so common Essential Oils that stand alone in the therapeutic value by the chemistry learned in Module 1, and how when mixed/blended enhances the therapeutic value. In addition this Module will provide information on what carrier oil do, how to choose and how to use them with Essential Oils.

Take Away/content:

  • Smart Singles

  • Bountiful Blends

  • Carrier Oils/Your Choice

Module 4: The Body Beautiful Inside and Out/The Natural Connection

In this Module we will explore the many natural connections Essential Oils bring when applied on the skin, taken internally or diffused in the air. In addition this Module speaks to the heart of what Essential Oils are, in this Module you will gain more insight into this magnificent world of Essential Oils and Understand that Essential Oils are a part of who we are, once applied they enhance the very nature of us, they magnify our intentions, and support us in so many ways and on so many levels. Your life Infused.

  • True Topical

  • Where to start

  • Internally Connected

  • Choosing the Right Essential Oil(s) for You

  • Personalize your breathing space

  • Supported Resources