ShowUP Coaching INvestment

This is a Three Month INvestiment


~Module #1 Setting Intentions/Language/Mindset/Action

What do you envision for YOURSELF in this module we will dive deep into the person YOU are, the BIG YOU as YOU see and manage the “BIG stuff” you are called to do through your profession, and the people you are called to serve, This Module is all about YOU and YOUR BIG we will flip the script and focus on YOU by identifying what makes YOU do for others what we most often will not do for our self.


~Module #2 Telling Your Story: Your Truth/Both Holding on and Letting Go

In this module you will analyze your life simply by looking back and looking forward to view areas that may not be visible to you Right Now; but have made you, and molded you into the person you are. In this Module YOU will learn to value YOUR SELF as others value YOU. And finally, you will come to recognize, how best do YOU know YOU.


~Module #3 Change, Balance, & Flow All Day Long

How do you maintain what you know to be working in your life?  Here YOU will discover what works for YOU.  Here YOU will identify how to stay committed to YOU as you are committed to others. Here YOU will establish within YOU and to others, YOUR current self.

Investment Options

~750.00 VALUE

~Whole Wellness Woman Virtual Conference Special Price of 499.00

~1 Payment of 499.99

~2 Payments of 249.50

~3 Payment of 166.00


YOUR Investment will get YOU the Following:

~Pre Inquiry Form upon 1st payment Post Inquiry Form upon final payment

~Individual Conference Calls once a week to be scheduled by accessing my scheduling app or setting a designated meeting time.

~Zoom Conference Connection once a month for three consecutive months

~Action and content work based on Modules


Special Bonuses:

~Relevant Resources

~Special Pricing on Select Natural Ground 1 Products and Services

~A Whole New Way to Discover YOU!


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