Wellness Services

~iTovi Scan:  A hand held personalized Wellness product evaluation/$25.00

~Whole Body Essential Oil INfusion: Application method of applying oils to the

entire body a “Fill Good” walk away guaranteed. $175.00 includes iTovi Scan

~BEMER: Focuses on the core systems necessary for Wellbeing/Personally Designed


~Hand Stimulation: Gentle yet energetic strokes with Essential Oil application/25$ per hand/personalized Essential Oil Application

~Aroma Dome: Connecting to Wellness one deep breath at a time-Through a

personalized Essential Oil inhalation. NEW PRODUCT/SERVICE

Four Month Wellness Bundle Package Available

~iTovi Scan, Aroma Dome, Hand Stimulation, 12 Essential Oils & Diffuser,

Whole Sale Purchases

$495.00/payment options available